Get Your Bowl On!

We’ve been looking into some menu additions the past few months, we have told many of you that we will doing some authentic Cuban dishes and we’ve gone ahead with the plans.  These dishes have been cooked by my abuela (grandmother) as taught to her from Cuban Pete himself, and then passed down to my mother who then passed them down to me.  I have been cooking them traditionally for years now but have developed my own spin on each through years of experimentation, and I’m ready to share them with you guys.   

  Every day of the week for the foreseeable future we will be featuring a different Cuban dish as our special along with rice, beans, and some sort of side dish.  

As of right now we are featuring four traditional dishes:  

  • Mondays we will lead off with one of the most popular dishes in the cuban stable, Picadillo.  Also known as Cuban hash, it’s a ground beef dish mixed with potatoes, olives, peppers, onions, and raisins and cooked in tomato sauce.  
  • Tuesday we will be featuring our Island Chicken, island marinated chicken, peppers and cashews served over white rice with a pineapple/lime salsa..  
  • Wednesday is my favorite day of the week, Ropa Vieja, a beef dish with strips of beef cooked with peppers, onions and garlic in tomato sauce and sherry.  This has been my favorite dish since I was a kid and will be the main contribution to me gaining tons of weight unless you guys can come eat it all before i get a chance to.  
  • Thursday will be our marinated pork cooked in mojo and olive oil with onions.  

Friday is where I’m gonna need your help, we are gonna rotate this from week to week based on suggestions from you guys and any crazy ideas I get in my head.  So come on out and get your bowl on, I hope you like the tagline, shirts coming soon!!

Well lunch is quickly approaching and I still got some deliciousness to prepare, see you soon!