I’m Back!

Hey guys, after a mini sabbatical due to my insane schedule, Cuban Pete is back!  

This summer has been off the wall, every weekend has been busy from the windows to the walls and I’ve been all over Cincinnati with the truck spreading the good word of the deliciousness of Cuban cuisine.  I’m sure you’ve seen me around at one of the festivals, from Cliftonfest to West Chester, private events from Madeira to Sumner, Indiana, I’m getting to know this area intimately.  

And a funny idea has begun to creep into my head, we have the downtown crowd covered and occasionally we hit you suburbanites with the food truck but what if you guys had a Cuban Pete’s of your own to hit up after work.  The partners have been discussing an expansion to the suburbs and we are currently looking for a place to set up our lunch and dinner spot, bigger menu, awesome drinks, and the same awesome atmosphere and great service you’ve come to know and love from the restaurant and the truck.  

So if you have any suggestions or know any good places in the suburbs that could use some Cuban flair come on in or give us a call and let us know, and while you’re there have a sandwich or some platanitos maduros, you won’t be disappointed….